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PakTurk International Schools & Colleges would like to inform all the valuable students and parents that all our branches are working as per routine. Examinations and classes will continue as per schedule.

PakTurk Education Foundation
February 13, 2018.
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This is for the information of all concerned that all institutions of PakTurk Education Foundation throughout Pakistan are functioning with the name of “PakTurk International Schools and Colleges”. It is further clarified that PakTurk Education Foundation has no Franchise policy and no other school or College using any Turkish name is affiliated to us.

PakTurk Education Foundation
February 02, 2017.
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Public Notice/Clarification

We feel it imperative to clarify that the PakTurk International Schools and Colleges in Pakistan are a philanthropic and non-political endeavor in the countryorganized and established for human development, inter alia, in the field of education for the benefit of all Pakistanis, especially the poor, needy and deserving sections of the society and to provide necessary facilities in order to enable them to gain access to resources for their productive self-employment and to encourage them to undertake activities of income generation and poverty alleviation for enhancing their quality of life. It has been a result of selfless work of nearly two decades that we have been able to cater to provision of affordable quality education to all segments of population across the various regions of the country with significant amounts given as scholarship to the deserving students so that they may pursue realization of their dream of getting high-quality education.

We are deeply concerned by allegations made by a certain section in the social media trying to connect the PakTurk International Schools and Colleges in Pakistan with Mr. Fethullah Gülen or the political movement ascribed to him in wake of the recent unfortunate and reprehensible events in Turkey. We do unequivocally clarify that the PakTurk International Schools and Colleges in Pakistan have no affiliation or connection with any political individual oranymovement or organization, whether political, religious or denominational, nor do we have a financial relationship with any movement.

We consider it important to underline that management of the schools and colleges is driven is solely on humanitarian considerations and would see with concern any indication to club the PakTurk International Schools and Colleges with any individual or movement and, in such a case, reserve right to invoke appropriate legal action.

PakTurk International Schools and Colleges are imparting quality education to Pakistani children for the last 21 years. An increase in the number of PakTurk institutions and student strength is a proof of parents’ confidence in these institutions.
The schools and colleges are being managed by a local non-profit company duly incorporated with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan according to laws of the country.
We are committed to our noble task and will continue to strive for imparting quality education to the coming generations of our great country in future also.

PakTurk International Schools & Colleges

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