An acedamic year at pakturk comprises of three terms. There is no formal assessment or examinations in grades 1 & 2. Grade 3 has formal monthly assessments. Centralized examination system is in practice for Grades 4 & 5.
Languages and other core subjects are also assessed using General Assessment Test. GAT assesses the students in a format in which students can evaluate and rank themselves against the students in their class, schools and the country.
Exclusive to PakTurk, the Online English Testing System for primary classes facilitate the assessment of students in their competence and proficiency of English.
PakTurk educational institutions conduct seminars for parents to support them in making informed decisions about their children’s education pathways, establishing better communication, and a number of other areas relevant to prolific parenting.

At PakTurk we nourish active classrooms with the efficient use of smartboards. This technique is unique in involving students’ focus and capturing their interest. The SmartBoard-based teaching help us to develop visual learners, while supporting aural and logical thinkers.
PakTurk’s dedicated teaching staff provides remedial classes to the students who have difficulty in attaining achievement targets in tandem with their peers.
After-School Club Programs at PakTurk extend upon the belief that each of our gifted scholars has the opportunity to display their full potential by academic and sports activities at the end of their regular school day. The school offers after-school clubs for folk dances, singing, Spoken English, ICT, chess, cooking and many more.
We never forget that field trips are a highlight of the school year for most children. Whether it is the zoo, the museum or just a nature walk, children can learn more about the world and how to interact with others when they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom.
We believe that an ideal education system incorporates all aspects of personal development. Keeping this objective in view, students are provided with a number of opportunities to participate in different competitions at school and national levels including essay writing, letter writing, art, spelling bee, science and the Third Eye exhibitions.
The enthusiastic team of teachers at PakTurk believes that when teachers get to know their students and their families, the parents become powerful advocates in their children’s education. Our teachers uphold “home visits” as a part of their professional responsibility and report that their home visits have a lasting effect on the child, the parents and the overall home-school communication.