Little Hearts

PakTurk International Little Hearts Pre-School educational system is a project of PakTurk International Schools & Colleges, for the students aged 3 to 6.

A prolific synthesis of a variety of tested and successful early childhood education methodologies worldwide, the Little Hearts Pre-School system places comprehensive care on the environment of students, the syllabi and supplementary materials according to their ages.
PakTurk International Little Hearts Pre-Schools give an education full of joy and enthusiasm that values the tiny and sincere world of young children.

The duty of a PakTurk International Little Hearts Pre School teacher is to support, assist, encourage and love the children enough to remember what is written across the forehead of every child:

“Help me to do it all by myself!”

At PakTurk International Little Hearts Pre-School, children can:
be respected as individuals
learn to know, express and master feelings
be effective in acting upon the environment
become loving and compassionate towards themselves and others.
At PakTurk International Little Hearts Pre-School, parents can:
be appreciated as knowledgeable about their own child
learn about their children’s development
gain a sense of effectiveness and joy in parenting