Higher Education


PakTurk provides higher education opportunities for the students who plan to study abroad in world universities in Turkey, USA, Europe and elsewhere.

Annually, PakTurk offers free-of-cost preparation courses for the university entry examinations and invite the representatives of universities from Turkey and worldwide to meet prospective students personally. Preparation courses and higher education meetings are conducted simultaneously in Islamabad, Karachi, Khairpur Mir’s , Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, and Quetta, participated in full zest and attendance by HSSC and A-level students and their parents.

Currently more than 150 PakTurk students are getting higher education in the universities of Turkey USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Universities in Turkey offer a high quality of education and most teach in English allowing the opportunity to gain an exceptional experience and the qualification needed for a bright future . These universities are quite affordable and flexible enough to cover diverse cultures and perceptions; cater to assorted scholastic prospects of students worldwide. PakTurk Career Advisory services initiate students to get admission at prominent Turkish, European, Asian and US universities.

PakTurk’s this initiative serves to extend an educational bridge between Pakistan and Turkey. Focusing on the essential and integrated elements of the multi– dimensional educational perception special to PakTurk educational institutions, Turkish teaching faculty coach and guide exam candidates throughout a comprehensive and rigorous preparation phase, and introduce various universities to students by means of a series of seminars across Pakistan.

PakTurk offers merit scholarships for talented and deserving Pakistani students.


In line with the “Developmental and Preventive Guidance and Counselling” principle, the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Service at PakTurk educational institutions is in collaboration with academic support departments and school administrations to meet students’ needs throughout their span of realising themselves in potential and accomplishment.

The entire studies and activities done in this respect are conducted in line with the essence of privacy and volunterism and by means of psychological counselling and presentations meant for capacity building and exploring talents in students.

Each student’s progress and character-building is supervised and supported by an ‘advisor’ class teacher from Primary to College Level. Advisor teachers collaborate with parents in revealing students’ real potential.

In order to provide secondary-high students with establishing one-on-one interaction with specialists and professionals from higher education institutions, businesses, industries and private enterprises, periodical Career Orientation Seminars and Institutional Orientation Seminars are organised at PakTurk branches.

Regular home visits and functions held exclusively for parents help for a healthy interaction taking place among School – Student – Home.