Int'l Project Olympiads


Calibrating gifted students’ educational and social vistas, PakTurk educational institutions encourage students to take part in various local and international project competitions in various educational disciplines. Preparation activities are performed in accordance with a prescribed timetable with clean-cut achievement aims and periodical assessment sessions.

At PakTurk, competing in international science Olympiads is not a dream but a tradition. Each year witnesses the participation and success of PakTurk students across the globe. Green flag of Pakistan flutters high with the international pride and distinction to the country.

Students participating in the international science Olympiads:

can take the first step towards a successful career to become scientists of the future

learn how to analyze and think logically.

observe the current developments in science and technology analytically

get a chance to explore the world for whom they love research.


Supplementing fast track students who are aspired to be high achievers in local and international examinations, competitions and/or educational olympiads, special classes are provided accordingly.

Students subscribing to such fast track classes are grouped for common achievement aims, and are given a rigorous preparation routine, which demands concentration, dedication and collaboration to ensure interaction for overall success.