Language Placement Test

The PakTurk Schools & Colleges being organizations engaged in the education of young students. Their students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner conforming to high standards of discipline and integrity both on the campus and elsewhere.

The process of education at the PakTurk colleges aims at equipping the students with both enlightenment of mind and positive personality thereby helping them develop as sound citizens of society and constructive components of the world community. To this end the objectives pursued are, origination of an aura of excellence through healthy competition among the individual students as well as groups in academics and co-curricular activities. So keeping these objectives in mind, PakTurk has enunciated many sensitive and enlightened issues as its priority in form of organizational contest and group activities.

LAPLATEST (Language Placement Test) is conducted for the students of level 6 to 8. to measure the language skills of the students. It is worth mentioning here that at PakTurk, the students not only learn national language Urdu and International language English but they are also taught another important language, Turkish that is a value addition for them.

The prescribed syllabus of LAPLATEST for the said subjects is as under: